Abraham Avatar


Fleet Admiral
EDS Argo

Admiral Abraham Avatar was senior officer of the United Nations Cosmo Navy. He became first commanding officer of the Argo in 2199. ​He is also the founder of the Star Force. He lead the Argo​ on a mission of hope to save Earth from the Gamilons and to reach Iscandar and to get the Cosmo DNA. Despite being asked by Captian Draco Gideon, he decides to go through with the mission. Admired even by Leader Abelt Desslok, Avatar's brilliant strategies led the Star Force to victory over the Gamilon's assaults. He became a mentor and father figure Derek Wildstar as he guided the brash youngster into a position of leadership and responsibility. With the completion of the mission to Iscandar to retrieve the CosmoDNA, Avatar himself never got to see the Earth rejuvenated, dying just before the Star Force landed on Earth in the late 2199. However, it was discovered that there was still brain activity. He was put into status and was administer the Planet bomb Cure, thanks to the White Comet Empire. In 2205, he was brought back out of status where he resumed command of the Star Force against the Dinguil Empire. He along with the Argo sacrificed themselves to stop the flood waters of Aquarius from destroying Earth.

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