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Battle of Saturn
Battle of Mars
Osamu Yamanami
Draco Gideon (Alternate Timeline 2201)

The EDS Andromeda is a United Nations Cosmo Navy space battleship that launched in 2202 as the first ship of the Andromeda-class warships. Commanded by Captain Osamu Yamanami, the ship becomes a technologically superior rival to the older Argo. Andromeda takes severe damage at the Battle of Saturn, but is refitted and rejoins the ongoing war when it strikes the heart of the White Comet Empire.



The Andromeda first engaged in combat during the Battle of the Eighth Floating Continent, a joint operation between the UN Cosmo Navy and the Gamilon Imperial Astro Fleet to recapture territory from White Comet Empire forces. After conventional forces began to suffer heavy losses, the joint command called in Andromeda to counterattack. "Plan A" was activated, and surviving UNCN and Gamilon ships were ordered to stand aside as the Andromeda entered the site of the battle and fired its dual wave motion gun. The beam blasted directly through an orbiting moon and continued into the atmosphere of its parent planet, where it broke into a dispersal pattern that obliterated all but one of the Comet empire vessel and the remains of the conquered floating continent. The battle appeared to have been won, but at the cost of revealing that the Earth Federation had broken its treaty with Iscandar to never develop wave motion weapons.

The Andromeda attempted to intercept the last surviving Gatlantean ship as it powered up and began an attack run against Earth, but it could not catch the ship before it warped away, leaving it to eventually be destroyed by the Argo.

On the night of December 8, 2202, days after the battle and hours after the celebratory launch of four other vessels of its class, Andromeda's hull was illuminated for a slow flyover of the Earth Federation capital city.

Clashing with the ArgoEdit


Clashing of the New Andromeda and the Old Argo.

Some time later, the Andromeda participated in a fleet fire exercise near Jupiter along with four other ships of its class and fourteen Dreadnought-class battleships. The Andromeda soon received word that the Star Force had gone rogue and embarked on a mission without orders, and left the exercise formation to pursue the Argo alone. After finding the Argo in an asteroid field, Captain Yamanami ordered the Star Force to return to Earth, and its commanding officer refused. Yamanami ordered the Andromeda to open fire, but the Argo was able to deflect most of the Andromeda's intense weapons volley. The two warships moved into point blank range with wave motion shields activated and continued on a collision course until Andromeda's bow directly hit its opponent's. The shields safely but violently absorbed the impact but the Andromeda was moved aside by the Argo. The Argo made its escape once it was clear, but Yamanami declined to take Andromeda in pursuit. The chase was officially terminated moments later when United Nations Cosmo Force director Charles Singleton informed the captains that Star Force's mission had been retroactively authorized.

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