Destroyed (2205)
Active (2225)
Abraham Avatar (2199,2205)
Draco Gideon (2202)
Osamu Yamanami (2203)
Derek Wildstar (Acting)

Built from the wreckage of a ancient Japanese Battleship called the Yamato.

The renamed EDS Argo is a United Nations Cosmo Navy space battleship. First conceived as an evacuation ship for survivors fleeing the Gamilas-Earth War, an unexpected gift of highly advanced wave motion technology from the planet Iscandar convinces the leadership of the United Nations Cosmo Force to use it in a more ambitious and dangerous plan to save all life on Earth from extinction. During its first year of service, the Argo and its crew--The Star Force--also become involved in the Gamilon Civil War, bring an end to the war with the Great Gamilas Empire, discover the legendary world Shambleau, and make first human contact with the White Comet Empire. Three years later, the ship fought in a number of important battles of the Gatlantis-Earth War during its journey to Telezart.



Earth's first contact with an alien civilization in 2191, the Great Gamilas Empire, quickly turned into a war that overwhelmed its limited abilities over the following years. As the ships of the UN Cosmo Navy were outclassed by their alien opponents and as the human homeworld was turned into a radioactive desert by a ceaseless Gamilon onslaught, the leadership of the United Nations saw escape as the only option. Under Project Izumo, humanity would build its first interstellar spaceship and ferry a small group of survivors out of the solar system to find a new planet to inhabit. A site underneath the dry seabed of the East China Sea, off the Bonomisaki Cape of Japan, was chosen for construction. The new ship was built partially underground and partially above the surface; its exposed upper hull was disguised as the wreck of the ancient Imperial Japanese naval battleship IJN Yamato, which sank in the area almost two and a half centuries earlier, to hide the project from enemy forces.

As construction commenced on the vessel and a crew was selected, a surprise alien visitor arrived in early 2198 with information that would shake up the Izumo Plan. Princess Yurisha Iscandar presented an invitation to travel to the distant world of Iscandar and take possession of the CosmoDNA, a device that would remove the radiation threatening Earth's surviving population and restore Earth's ravaged biosphere. She also offered plans for a highly advanced wave motion system to power the human ship for the round trip journey to the Large Magellanic Cloud and back. Izumo was secretly scrapped, and as part of the new Yamato Plan, the vessel was re-designed to accommodate a wave motion engine. Recognizing the incredible energies that could be generated, Major Stephen Sandor, a scientist serving in the UNCF, designed a wave motion shield for defense, along with an unparalleled weapon of mass destruction, a wave motion gun. Just as work was being completed one year later, a sister of Princess Yurisha arrived in the solar system with a wave motion core that would drive the engine. The renamed Argo was ready for flight, and the crew--now called the Star force--were notified of their new mission by their commanding officer, Admiral Abraham Avatar, only a day prior to launch.





2210s - 2220sEdit


In the English-translation version of the original series released in the US, the ship was normally called the Argo. However, it was explained in the first episodes that the Argo was the resurrected sea-battleship Yamato.

(Also, the closing credits of the American version identified the original title of the Japanese series as The Space Cruiser Yamato).

The name Argo refers to a ship in ancient Greek mythology: the legend of 'Jason and the Argonauts'. 

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