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Avatar: Captain of the Argo

Admired even by Desslok of Gamilas, 'Captain Avatar was the Yamato first commander. Originally the commander of the last Earth fleet to at the Battle of Pluto, he took on the mission to Iscandar despite his suffering from radiation poisoning. Avatar's brilliant strategies (combined with the advanced technology from Iscandar) led the Star Force to victory over the Gamilon's assaults, and his mentorship of Derek Wildstar guided the brash youngster into a position of leadership and responsibility. Avatar's only son was killed in the Battle of Pluto, as was Derek Wildstar's older brother Alex Wildstar (or so it was thought). Avatar himself never got to see the Earth rejuvenated, dying just before the Star Force landed on Earth in 2200. We learn in the movie Final Yamato [Japan] that he actually did not die of Space Radiation Sickness, and over an extremely long period, he recovered from the disease.

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