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EDS Argo

Derek Wildstar is the Chief Tactical officer and Pilot on the the Argo. Several times he as made acting captain in 2199 - 2203 until he was finally made the 4th commander of the Star Force. From 2199 - 2205 he is engaged to marry Nova Forrester until finally they are married. He is the young brother of Alex Wildstar.


In many ways, Derek Wildsar is a reflection of his elder brother. As his experience grows, he demonstrates the natural, instinct-driven way of living that Alex displayed during his lifetime. However, the younger Derek is more prone to acting recklessly combative, and creating more difficulties in the process. It is only as the long and difficult mission to Iscandar progresses that he gradually learns more self-control and becomes more like the leader that his brother was. He comes to accept his brother's faith in cooperative relations with the Gamilons, and he demonstrates friendliness and compassion toward Lorelai Loer and other Jirel who had been manipulating him and his crew. He grows to recognize the importance of showing strength and calm to his shipmates in difficult times, even going so far as to hide the apparent death of Lieutenant Nova Forrester and his own grief and exhaustion over it in an effort to maintain ship-wide morale. He also learns from his brother's former commanding officer, Admiral Avatar, and builds a closer bond with him.


Derek grew up with his supportive elder brother, Alex. In or after 2193, most of the Wildstar family was killed in the planet bombing of Earth by the Great Gamilas Empire, leaving only the two brothers. Alex gave their father's harmonica to young Derek, a gift that Derek would continue to carry with him into adulthood.

Wildstar followed in his elder brother's footsteps several years later and enrolled in the Earth Defense Academy. While there, he studied under the guidance of the academy's headmaster, Draco Gideon, and received practical instruction from Isami Enomoto, a long-time non-commissioned officer. His academy classmates included Alan Hardy and Mark Venture. At some point after graduation, Wildstar was assigned to the 7th Strategic Space Group.


Forming of the SF

Venture and Wildstar at the briefing and forming of the Star Force.

Wildstar was stationed for a number of weeks with Venture in the ruins of Arcadia Port on Mars as part of Operation M in January 2199, waiting to rendezvous with an alien emissary. The alien vessel crashed into the Martian desert and the emissary died after ejecting, but Wildstar and Venture successfully retrieved the wave motion core that she had tried to deliver. After the two were picked up from Mars by the flagship Kirishima, Wildstar learned that his older brother's ship had been destroyed by Gamilon forces at Pluto in a disastrous battle that had been nothing more than a decoy. Back on Earth, he angrily attempted to confront the commanding officer, Admiral Abraham Avatar, but was stopped and chastised for his behavior by Nova Forrester. Wildstar relented and calmed himself, but later that day, an alarm sounded at the approach of enemy planes and a carrier. Eager for a chance to avenge his brother's death, Wildstar encouraged Venture to help him commandeer an experimental Cosmo Zero fighter undergoing maintenance and flew off to intercept the intruder near the Japanese island of Kyushu. Despite being able to quickly target the reconnaissance plane, Wildstar had neglected to notice that his fighter was unarmed; several seconds later, the fighter suffered engine failure and crashed into the dry sea floor. Wildstar and Venture both walked away and watched from hiding as other UNCN fighters engaged the Gamilon planes, and what appeared to be an ancient sunken battleship fired on the carrier. Only after they were rescued did the two realize that what appeared to be an ancient relic would be their next assignment: the space battleship Argo.


Cap Wildstar

Captain Wildstar of the EDS Yuunagi.

Following the return of the Star force to Earth, Wildstar is eventually granted his own command, EDS Yuunagi, operating as part of Frontier Defense Task Force 38.




Wildstar: The Andromeda... so, it has already been completed.
  • Draco Gideon dies after getting crush from debris during the battle of Gatlantis:
Wildstar: I want everyone to carry out Captain Gideon's Order!
  • The Ark of destruction leave to the remains of Saturn to gather power to destroy Earth:
Wildstar: Star Force...Abandon ship





  • Celebrating 10 year anniversary and paying respects to those passed:
Wildstar: Look at these officer... They think their captains or something.
Eager: Hey, take a look at that one... I figured he looks like a captain has been.
Wildstar:Actually, I've come to think of it more as a "superiority phase" I went through. You'll grow out of it.
Nova: I beg your pardon?
Wildstar: uh... Star Force, TEN-HUT!


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