Dinguil Empire


Milky Way Galaxy
Dissolved (2205)

The Denguil Empire originated near the Orion Arm, but they were a special case, having actually descended from the Humans of Earth.

When Earth was first flooded by the waters of Planet Aquarius, the civilization was saved from extinction by the Denguil people. However, the Humans who had gone back to Planet Dingir eventually conquered their saviors and took over. In the end, the science of the Denguil was corrupted, and the ancient traditions and religions of Earth were used to further the pursuit of power among the elite. Although similar incidences may have occurred elsewhere in the universe, there are no records to show that this is true.

The Denguil made plans to invade Earth immediately after Aquarius flooded their home world again in 2205. Basically, the Denguil were motivated only for their personal pleasure, and they no longer resembled their modern Humans counterparts.

Lugal de Zahl Lugal (ルガール大神官大総統 Rugāru Daishinkan Daisōtō?): supreme leader of the Dingirians, he escapes his drowning homeworld aboard the enormous space station Uruk. He is impassive when told his wife and younger son perished, believing that only the strong should survive, and decides that Earth should become the new home of his people, planning to use Aquarius to flood it. Spurning the very idea of "charity", he sets about exterminating the human race, ensuring it cannot even leave Earth before flooding. He kills his own elder son when the latter fails to destroy the Yamato, shows no concern when he accidentally shoots his younger son, and self-destructs Uruk -- killing all living within its city -- when its purpose has been served. He is also seen to ride into battle (aboard a mechanical horse) alongside his troops. The word Lugal is Sumerian for "king".

Lugal de Zahl (ルガール・ド・ザール Rugāru Do Zāru?): elder son of the Dingirian leader, a young military commander who shows no mercy to his enemies, and has no qualms about firing on unarmed civilian transports, or even rescue ships tending to the wounded. However, when defeated by the Yamato (as well as a fleet of Earth warships) he is humiliated before his father, and becomes ever more determined to destroy the Earth ship, but when the rest of his fleet is destroyed, he turns tail and flees the battlefield, only to crash into the Neutrino Beam Shield of Uruk.

Dingir: the home of a grey-skinned race of technologically-advanced humanoids. They are descended from Earth humans who were transported there by aliens (whom they regard as gods) 10,000 years ago when Aquarius last flooded Earth. In the movie Final Yamato, Dingir is flooded by Aquarius and its population all but wiped out; the surviving Dingirians set their sights on Earth as a new home and plan to transport Aquarius there in order to destroy humanity. The planet was named for the Sumerian word for "god", dingir.


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