Draco Gideon


Fleet Admiral
EDS Argo
EDS Andromeda (Alternate Timeline)

Admiral Draco Gideon was senior officer in the United Nations Cosmo Navy. Throughout the Gamilas-Earth War, Gideon holds a number of command positions vital to maintaining the defense and the military leadership of Earth. Following the war, his firm stance against developing wave motion weapons leads to his dismissal as UNCN commander and banishment to a minor outpost on the outskirts of Earth's solar system.

In 2202, he becomes the 2nd commanding officer of the Argo and the Star Force during the invasion of the White Comet Empire. He is also a good friend of Abraham Avatar and Osamu Yamanami.


In addition to his military acumen, Draco Gideon maintains a close friendship with and loyalty to his academy classmate, Abraham Avatar. Even as conditions on Earth grow more desperate, he does not lose faith that Avatar and the Star Force will return in time to save their world. After Avatar's death, Gideon does not hesitate to defend his legacy and those who served under him.

Gideon also displays great patience and a willingness to listen. After rescuing Sergeant Webb Knox and his fellow Marines from the Moon, the admiral endures an angry rant from Knox and answers his questions without calling him out on his insubordinate attitude. Gideon comes to appreciate the sergeant's boldness and the two become friends over the following years.




Avatar and Gideon before the launch of the Argo.

On the eve of the Argo's mission to Iscandar in 2199, Gideon tries convincing Admiral Avatar, to stay on Earth and attend to his failing health, and to yield command of the Star Force to him. Avatar declines the recommendation. Gideon leads a formal send-off from the bridge of the Kirishima, coming alongside the Argo and saluting Avatar and the Star Force as the interstellar vessel leaves Earth's atmosphere. Immediately afterward, he takes Kirishima to the Moon to rescue surviving Cosmo Marines that had come under attack during the Argo's launch preparations.

Gideon remains an influence in Nova's life during the voyage to Iscandar. Before crossing the heliopause and leaving the solar system, Nova uses her communications ration to contact Gieon, who asks after Avatar's health. During a telepathic attack on the Star Force by Mirenel Linke, Gideon appears behind Nova in the Argo's theater while she watches a video (presumably made for Princess Yurisha Iscandar) on how to act like a human. Nova's connection to Gideon, her amnesia, and possible alterations to Nova's service record lead Star Force security chief Shinya Itou to become suspicious that Gideon is involved in a cover-up.

Gideon succeeds Avatar as commander of all UNCN space forces after the Argo's departure, working alongside the chief executive of the United Nations Space Planning Office, Charles Singleton. He and Singleton are the first to greet the Star Force near the end of its journey back to Earth.



Knox carrying an injured Gideon to the Argo's bridge.

Following the Argo's return, the leadership of the new Earth Federation and the UNCF reject a treaty made by Admiral Avatar with Queen Starsha Iscandar and embark on the construction of a new fleet armed with wave motion weapons. Gideon fights against the decision, and is removed from command of the Cosmo Navy. Despite the damage to his own career, he is able to defend the surviving senior officers of the Star Force from retaliation for taking the same position. Gideon is reassigned to the Outer Defense Division, and is stationed on the Planet Brumus, on the faraway margins of the solar system.




  • Draco Gideon's last words:
Gideon: Wildstar...The Argo's next you. Grasp...the future.
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