Nova Forrester-Wildstar


Lieutenant Commander (2199 - 2205)
Captain (2220)
EDS Argo (Chief of Operations, 2199 - 2205)
EDS Andromeda II (Captain, 2214)

​ Nova Forrester ​is a United Nations Cosmo Force officer. She is also Chief of Operations of the Star force onboard the Argo in 2199. Prior to the Argo's mission to the planet Iscandar, Nova comes to be closely associated with an Iscandarian emissary, Princess Yurisha Iscandar. That connection places Nova at the center of key political developments between Iscandar and the Gamilons.


Nov Forrester is a tenacious individual able to deal with difficult and seemingly hopeless circumstances, including the personal challenges of losing her entire life history and enduring the ongoing struggles of a long war. She also has a strong sense of justice, as she demonstrates in defending Admiral Avatar from Derek Wildstar's anger over the death of his elder brother under Avatar's command. She is equally willing to stand up for aliens as for humans.

Nova is sensitive to the emotional states of those around her, and is able to easily bond with a wide range of people. Among those with whom she becomes close is Yurisha Iscandar, who connects with her on a psychic level following the incident in which both of them were severely injured.

Her initial antagonism toward Wildstar slowly evolves into a respectful relationship between colleagues and then friendship and later becomes a romance only after sharing many trials together during the mission to Iscandar. In 2202, she and Wildstar are engaged to be married.


Early lifeEdit

Nova was assign to accompanying Yurisha Iscandar in an underground city on Earth, the car that was carrying Nova and Yurisha was destroyed in a possible terrorist bombing. Although both women survived, Nova suffered amnesia and became unable to recall any specific events prior to the attack. With both her father and mother having passed away, Nova came under the guardianship of a family friend, Admiral Draco Gideon, who she called "Uncle Gideon".

Nova served in the Far East 9th District Strategy Department of the UN Cosmo Force from September 7, 2198 until the launch of the Argo, working alongside Gideon, Chief Administrator Charles Singleton, and the Argo's commanding officer Admiral Abraham Avatar. She was posted to headquarters operations during Operation M, reporting that another Iscandarian emissary, Princess Astra Iscandar, was nearing Neptune and heading for Mars. Outside of her military duties, Nova also worked as a teacher with small children, including Mark Venture's brother Jordy Venture.



Nova at her post on the Argo.

Nova is promoted to full lieutenant and now serves as a Star Force member onboard the Argo primarily as radar operator, and is a key officer in many of the ship's engagements with enemy forces. As a member of the ship's senior staff, she is also Chief of operations regarding information and electronics. In this capacity, she joins Lieutenant Derek Wildstar on a search and rescue mission to the surface of Enceladus and a reconnaissance flight scouting ahead for Gamilon subspace activity.

Questions about Nova's ties to Iscandar arise during the year-long voyage. Shortly before the departure of the Star Force, Lieutenants Wildstar and Mark Venture notice her striking resemblance to the Iscandarian princess Astra who had crashed and died on Mars during Operation M. Wildstar asks her about it on their way to Enceladus, but he quickly withdraws the question after she reacts irritably. Another officer, chief of security Shinya Itou, becomes even more suspicious. He investigates Nova's background, and learns of her work with Yurisha Iscandar before the bombing and her relationship with Admiral Gideon. Already distrustful of any alien interference, Itou concludes that Nova is herself an Iscandarian, and that her reported amnesia is a cover for infiltrating and manipulating the Star Force. Itou enters Nova's quarters during an attempted mutiny and finds a piece of Iscandarian technology with a holographic message from Queen Starsha Iscandar to Princess Yurisha—-the final proof he needs of her true alien identity. Nova refuses to acknowledge Itou's paranoid claim. After the mutiny is defeated, Admiral Avatar informs the crew that an Iscandarian is in fact aboard the ship, but that it is not Nova. The real Yurisha lies in a coma, hidden from view inside Argo's auto navigation room.


Nova forced pose as Yurisha by Desslok.

Lieutenant Nova's similarity to Princess Yurisha also draws the attention of the Great Gamilas Empire. In an attempt to capture the Star Force, a Jirel agent of the empire, Mirenel Linke, telepathically subdues all human members of the crew except for Nova and two others. Linke mistakes Nova for Yurisha and relays the information to her superiors before she is killed and the crew is freed. Gamilon ruler Abelt Desslok senses an opportunity for political leverage against Queen Starsha, and orders her to be brought to him. A Zaltz strike team boards the Argoduring the Battle of the Rainbow Star Cluster and renders Nova unconscious; the only survivor of the team, Norren Oshetto, escapes with Nova on the subspace submarine UX-01. During a stop at the prison planet Leptapoda, Nova uses her false status as the third princess of Iscandar to defuse a fight between the UX-01 crew and the prison warden and to save Oshetto from a humiliating beating. She is later greeted by a high ranking prisoner, who treats her in a reverential manner and insists on changing Nova from her uniform and into a formal Iscandarian gown. She eventually arrives on Gamilas escorted by Oshetto, and in the capital city of Baleras, Nova first meets the minister of propaganda, Miezela Celestella. Over tea, the Jirel minister deduces that Nova is not from Iscandar. She informs Desslok, but he proceeds with his plan. Nova, glum and silent, is forced to appear before a mass audience with Desslok as he announces that the third princess has come to Gamilas to approve the unification of their world and Iscandar.

Nova turns the tables against her captors after the Star force arrives in the system. She watches alongside Desslok aboard his waiting flagship, Desura II, as a wave motion gun is fired, and becomes openly defiant when it appears that her ship and her comrades have been destroyed. Desslok dismisses her and Oshetto, but seconds later, her spirits rise as the Argo emerges from the blast zone and charges toward Gamilas. Desura II takes off from the planet and docks with Desslok's new space station, and as Desslok prepares to fire his wave motion gun at Baleras, Nova acts. Trying to prevent an act of mass murder, she and Oshetto don space suits and set the station's reactor controls to overload. Nova is confused when Oshetto draws his sidearm and orders her toward an airlock. He pushes her inside and blows her into space. She watches the station explode and grieves for her foolish and brave friend. After the explosion subsides, Nova notices another figure in a spacesuit maneuvering toward her: Wildstar, coming to bring her home.

After landing on Iscandar and meeting with Queen Starsha (who initially takes Nova to be her deceased sister, Astra), the Star Force receives Starsha's gift of the CosmoDNA that will restore life to the war-ravaged Earth, and begins the return trip. Two months later, the Star Force picks up a distress signal and rescues former minister Miezela Celestella. Nova suppresses her anger and listens compassionately as Celestella reveals her feelings about Leader Desslok, and how life on Gamilas has become unbearable now that he is gone. The Star Force is ambushed and boarded a short time later by rogue Gamilon forces. Nova leaves Celestella and goes to join the battle. The Gamilons begins to flood the Argo with gas toxic to humans. In a desperate attempt, she activates the CosmoDNA to clean the ship of the gas. However, do to the force of the machine she is knocked into a coma.


Nova and Wildstar reunited.

As weeks pass, Nova is still lying in a coma and kept in the chamber that once housed Yurisha Iscandar, Nova is watched over by the ship's medical team and Wildstar. With the CosmoDNA inoperable, the Star Force loses hope. Suddenly the machine reawakens and is back in operation! At the same time, Nova awakens from her coma. A tearful Wildstar kisses Nova and brings her to the first bridge, where they are greeted by adoring shipmates and by the sight of Earth as the ship nears home.


Lieutenant Nova returns to UNCF headquarters in the years following the successful conclusion of the Star force's first mission. She monitors ship activity during a joint operation against White Comet Empire forces by the United Nations Cosmo Navy and the Gamilon Imperial Astro Fleet in 2202. She becomes openly aghast when Director Charles Singleton and General Kotetsu Stone reveal a new Earth ship equipped with a wave motion gun during the battle, violating the agreement that Admiral Avatar had made with Queen Starsha to abandon such weapons in exchange for the CosmoDNA.

She accompanies Wildstar, now her fiancé, gathers with the Star Force at a statue honoring Avatar on the anniversary of the Argo's return to Earth. Nova learns that she was the only member of the crew to not receive a vision urging them to take the space battleship to the planet Telezart. Nevertheless, she commits to joining them, even after Wildstar's formal request to make the journey is turned down and the crew agree to steal the ship. As they make preparations to take the Argo, Wildstar informs Nova that he wants her to remain safely on Earth. Distraught by his apparent rejection of her capability and her loyalty, Nova gives her engagement ring back to Wildstar and runs away. However, she remains on board with the help of Doctor Sane, but Wildstar soon discovers this.

On Planet Stavase, Wildstar orders Nova to lead escort mission. Have the Brumus refugees and Cosmo Marines escorted back to Earth.

2210s - 2220sEdit

Cap Nova

Captain Nova Wildstar of the EDS Andromeda II in 2214.

In 2414, Nova was chosen as commanding officer of the new space battleship Andromeda II. Her mission was to find away to stop a moving cascading Black hole that was heading towards Earth. However, when the ship arrived it was torn to piece and she and her crew were presumed dead. In 2224, the Star Force find them alive and well and bring them home.

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