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Captain Osamu Yamanami was an officer serving in the United Nations Cosmo Navy. In 2199 during the Gamilas-Earth War, he commanded the EDS Kirishima. In 2202, he becomes the captain of the experimental warship Andromeda during the Gatlantis-Earth War. In 2203, he became the 3rd commander of the Argo and the Star Force during the Dark Nebula Empire's invasion and occupation of Earth and the solar system. He was a junior academy classmate of Abraham Avatar and Draco Gideon.


Yamanami brings high degrees of optimism and skill to his military service, engendering trust from his superiors. He shows no hesitation over the Earth Federation's decision to ignore Avatar's treaty with Iscandar and to build an arsenal of ships armed with wave motion technology. He insists on military service members respecting authority, but he allows himself a measure of respect for those who violate protocol and orders to take a principled stand. As the Comet Empire presses its advance through the solar system and humanity's drive to build larger and ever more powerful weapons to fight back brings only more death and destruction, Yamanami grows skeptical about Earth's war policy.




With Admiral Gideon while saluting the Star Force's departure.

Yamanami captains the Kirishima as the flagship of Admiral Abraham Avatar during Operation M. Near the end of the battle, Yamanami solemnly carries out the admiral's order for the flagship to maintain course and speed away from the enemy Gamilon fleet as the EDS Paladin under Captain Alex Wildstar is sacrificed to cover Kirishima's retreat.

A little more than three weeks later, Yamanami stands on the Kirishima bridge alongside Admiral Draco Gideon and the ship's bridge crew to salute the Star Force as they depart Earth orbit on their journey to Iscandar. Immediately afterward, he takes the ship to the Moon to rescue a stranded contingent of United Nations Cosmo Marines. When the ranking Marine survivor, Sergeant Webb Knox, barges onto the bridge and loudly demands to speak with the captain, Yamanami informs Knox with a smile that he is the captain and that Knox has mistakenly been yelling at the top UNCN commander, Admiral Gideon. As Knox's rant continues, Yamanami subtly warns him to restrain himself.


Yamanami is given command of Andromeda, the first in a more advanced class of warships. At the Battle of the Eighth Floating Continent, he carries out orders from UNCF central command to fire the Andromeda's wave motion guns which obliterates nearly the entire Comet Empire fleet, saving beleaguered Earth and Gamilon forces. He instructs the survivors to hold position while Andromeda moves to finish off the remaining hostiles. One damaged Gatlantean ship suddenly reactivates and races away from the site of battle, and although Yamanami responds immediately and attempts to intercept, it is able to warp away.


Yamanami impressed with Derek Wildstar.

The captain is leading the Andromeda, four other ships of its class, more than a dozen Dreadnought-class battleships, and fighter craft in a fleet fire exercise in the vicinity of Jupiter zone when he receives word of the Star Force's mutiny. After a number of fighter pilots abruptly break away to join them, Yamanami has the remaining pilots who had served aboard the Argo detained and orders other fighters to pursue the defectors. He takes the Andromeda away from the Jupiter zone to confront the Argo directly. He attempts to persuade the acting captain, Derek Wildstar, to stand down, and when Wildstar refuses, he opens fire. The Argo is able to successfully defend itself, and as it escapes, Yamanami's anger with Wildstar turns into grudging admiration, and he chooses not to follow. The director of the UNCF soon contacts Yamanami and Wildstar with news that the President has authorized the Star Force's mission. In response, Yamanami allows the detained pilots to leave, and sends a high relief sculpture of Admiral Avatar hanging over his desk to the Star Force as a gift.

Captain Yamanami leads UN forces into battle once again when the Comet empire mounts a massive invasion of the solar system at the Saturn zone. Near the end of the battle, the Andromeda suffers heavy damage and Yamanami is incapable of saving his ship, until the carrier Apollo Norm collides with it and uses up its own engines to push Andromeda to safety. Yamanami reacts with shock when the carrier's commanding officer, Shuntaro Yasuda informs the captain of his intention to sacrifice Apollo Norm, but he accepts the decision.

Once the Andromeda is repaired and refitted with a fully automated systems, Yamanami voices his opposition to launching the battleship and other newly modified ships of its class without any human control. His concerns are addressed, and one human captain is assigned to each vessel; Yamanami takes his station on the bridge of the Andromeda in a reinforced spacesuit, to survive the lack of life support systems. During the Third Battle of Mars, Yamanami survives a direct strike on the bridge and multiple hits on his ship, and evades more enemy defenses as he takes the Andromeda to the Gatlantis' gravity control center. The ship rendezvous with the EDS Galaxy and the captain fires its wave motion gun that is amplified by Galaxy's own wave motion shields. The gravity control center is destroyed, but the Andromeda is eventually ripped apart by its own damaged and overtaxed systems. Yanamami is able to abandon ship, and rides to safety clutching the cockpit canopy of a Cosmo Zero fighter after saving the Star Force.



Commanding the Star Force in 2203.

When the Dark Nebula Empire invaded the Solar System, Yamanami joined the Star force and commanded the Argo for its mission to the Heart of the empire. He was killed in action when the command console exploded during that dreaded attack. Like Avatar and Gideon, he became an important figure for the Star Force that like Avatar, earned him high relief sculpture of himself next to Avatar.



  • Introducing the new flagship :
Yamanami: This is the Earth Federation defense fleet flagship Andromeda...
  • After clashing with the Star Force:
Yamanami : That boy is unbelievably stubborn... Captain Avatar.
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