Star Blazers 2199


2012 - 2013 (Japanese)
2017 - 2018 (English)

Star Blazers 2199 is the English dubbed version of the Japanese original, Space Battleship Yamato 2199. The show is a 2012-2013 episodic anime series and was English dubbed in 2017 by Funimation. originally Bang Zoom Entertainment planned to dubbed the characters with its original Star Blazers English dubbed, but it was scrapped. So this wiki is all English dubbed with some fan fiction entry to it.


The Messenger from IscandarEdit


The EDS Kirishima taking damage.

In the outer reaches of the solar system, the EDS Paladin under the command of Captain Alex Wildstar takes the vanguard position ahead of the ships United Nations Cosmo Navy's First Fleet as they approach Pluto. Out of range of the Paladin, more than a hundred enemy vessels of the Great Gamilas Empire are detected heading for the main fleet. The Gamilons transmit a demand for the UNCN ships to surrender. Aboard the flagship the EDS Kirishima, Admiral Abraham Avatar bluntly rejects the demand, and the Gamilons open fire on the First Fleet. Numerous UNCN ships are destroyed or severely damaged in the opening moments of the battle, while most of their own weapons fire bounces uselessly off their targets. Realizing that their main force has been ambushed, Captain Wildstar orders his destroyer to reverse course and race toward the battle. On the lower decks of Kirishima, Patrick Orion urges Travis Sparks and other members of his engineering crew to trust the admiral. Avatar watches the devastation grimly, until he is interrupted by a report of a signal that the "Amaterasu" is passing Neptune and is rapidly heading for Mars. He immediately sends a brief coded message to Earth.


Derek Wildstar and Mark Venture find the corpse of Astra and the Wave motion Core.

Chief Administrator Charles Singleton and Admiral Draco Gideon wait for an update on Operation M in the underground command center of the Far East Sector Headquarters of the United Nations Cosmo Force. The wait is broken when Nova Forrester informs them of Avatar's message. Headquarters immediately alerts a two-man team waiting on Mars. In a small shelter in the ruins of Arcadia Port, Derek Wildstar wonders aloud about his elder brother and the fight happening at Pluto, until he and Mark Venture receive the alert and take off in a scout plane. They spot "Amaterasu" burning in its descent and blow up, and track an escape pod to its crash site. They land and carefully approach the pod, find the body of a Astra Iscandar inside, and retrieve a wave motion core from her hands--the item that they have been waiting for.


The EDS Paladin fights to the last stand.

The onslaught against the First Fleet continues, and an enemy destroyer heads straight toward the Kirishima and a kill shot, until the Paladin fires torpedoes from behind and destroys it. With the mission on Mars complete, Avatar issues the withdraw order for his flagship and the Paladin , the only surviving UN vessels. Instead of following the flagship, the Paladin stays behind. Avatar pleads with Captain Wildstar to retreat, but Wildstar insists that the admiral is too important to the future of Earth. He takes his ship toward the regrouping Gamilon forces. The bridge crew begins to sing the anthem of the United Nations Cosmo Force, and he joins them. The Paladin engages the Gamilon forces and successfully distracts them, firing its guns and dodging return fire, until one energy beam connects and a large explosion rips through the main hull. The Kirishima continues toward the safety of the inner solar system.

Three weeks have passed. Venture and Wildstar rendezvous with the Kirishima in Mars orbit, and learn about the loss of Wildstar's elder brother from Alan Hardy after delivering the wave motion core. As the damaged space battleship nears Earth, two planet bombs are spotted on the starboard side plunging toward the red, waterless, and irradiated surface. Unable to stop them, Avatar silently pledges to continue fighting the Gamilons as long as he can. Inside an underground city, Nova teaches a group of children about the eight-year Gamilas-Earth War, the costly but victorious battle against the Gamilons at Mars that led to the merciless planet bombing campaign, and the spread of alien plant life seeded on Earth by the enemy. One of the children asks why the Gamilons are doing this, and Nova suggests that they are reshaping Earth to suit their own needs, just like they did at Pluto.

Post OPS-M

Wildstar confronting Avatar about his brother's death.

Nova leaves the class accompanied by Dash Jordan, who asks her about a rumor that the Pluto battle was only a decoy--at the same moment that Wildstar and Venture walk by. Wildstar stops in his tracks and demands that Dash repeat what he just said. Wildstar notices that Nova stunningly resembles the dead alien from Mars, but he snaps out of it when Nova angrily demands that he back off. Once she and Dash leave, Wildstar informs Venture that they are heading to the hospital zone. Doctor Sane's examination of Avatar finishes while Gideon waits. Wildstar barges into the room and demands that Avatar tell him about Operation M. Gideon angrily orders his former student to be quiet, embarrassing Venture as he waits outside the door. Avatar hears Wildstar's name and tells him that his elder brother was a great man, and bows in sincere apology for his death. Wildstar accepts Avatar's gesture, salutes both admirals, and leaves with his friend. Both of them are stopped in the hallway by Sane, who tells Wildstar not to worry about his outburst but to be more mindful that everyone has lost loved ones in the war. To the consternation of Nurse Makoto Harada, the doctor eagerly invites them to a bottle of sake, but the two young men have already left.

Post OPS-M0

Sandor and Gideon examine the core.

Avatar reviews a crew manifest of a new unit in his office and finds entries for Wildstar and Venture. In a busy laboratory with workers attending to a large capsule, Gideon examines the wave motion core along with Stephen Sandor, Chief Administrator Charles Singleton, and General Kotetsu Stone. They verify that the core is genuine, and that the Yamato Plan is now complete and the unit is ready.

Venture and Wildstar enter a hangar bay and admire a Cosmo Zero prototype fighter. They are approached by Peter Conroy, who they recognize as an ace pilot. Conroy warns them to stay away from his plane before he is called away by a member of the deck crew. An air raid siren blares and a warning goes out of a Gamilon squadron penetrating Earth's defense perimeter. Wildstar tells Venture that there is no time to wait, and the pair ignore Conroy's calls to stop as they take off in the Cosmo Zero. In the skies over what was the Sea of Japan, they quickly catch up to and target a reconnaissance craft. Wildstar pulls the trigger, and nothing happens--the fighter is flying unarmed. The Gamilon craft pulls up and away. At that moment, one of the prototype's engines bursts into flames. Wildstar guides the fighter to a crash landing on the hot desert floor.


Ruins of the Yamato.

As the two of them are walking away from the crash to the top of a ridge, Venture asks Wildstar why he stopped. He stands alongside Wildstar and the two of them look in awe at what appears to be the wreckage of an ancient battleship, sunk centuries ago and now baking in the sun--the Yamato. They wonder why the Gamilons would be interested in such a thing.

Toward a Sea of StarsEdit

Farewell to the Solar SystemEdit

Point of No ReturnEdit

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