"I cannot bear to see what has become of earth. Once green and growing with blue lakes and silver streams, great rivers and mighty seas, now all gone ..." Captain Avatar


It was the year 2199, and an enemy race called the Gamilons were firing planet bombs at earth to turn it into a radiation-devastated wasteland. As a result, people moved Underground Cities to Escape the radiation. United Earth forces were trying to fight back, but the Gamilon ships we superior. But hiding underground is not foolproof, since the radiation will reach the underground cities in just over a year. With a largely dwindles force, Earth prepares to fight a last-ditch battle at Pluto, commanded by Captain Avatar. The first radar contact is made with a few Gamilon vessels: 6 battleships, 8 destroyers, and an even larger amount of escort ships. After a offer to allow them to surrender, Avatar refuses. A Gamilon ship gets off the first shoot, but misses. Avatar's ship scores a direct hit, which deflects harmlessly of the bow of the enemy ship. Now damaged, Avatar tries to keep his ship out of range. In the battle, all but two of Earth's ships are destroyed, and Hardly any Gamilon ships are destroyed. In the middle of the battle, they detect a UFO that is on a collision course with Mars. They inform Earth Defense Headquarters of the craft, who send Cadets Derek Wildstar and Mark Venture in investigate the ship after it crashes. The two take a plane out to investigate, and find the ship has exploded, but there is an escape pod close by. Outside the pod, they find an unconscious woman (who's name is Astra)holding a capsule. Back at Pluto, the battle is going badly for earth. Other than Captain Avatar's ship, the only other ship left is Missile Ship 17, commanded by Alex Wildstar. Captain Avatar decides to retreat, but Wildstar decides to cover Avatar's retreat, saying that Avatar has 470 men and he has 20, so his ship should cover the retreat of Avatar's. IN less than a minute of fighting, Missile Ship 17 is critically damaged by the Gamilon ships, drifting away from the battle as it explodes. After finishing the collection of information at Mars, the cadets are picked up by Avatar's ship and head to Earth. Derek finds out that his brother Alex does not return from the battle. The two then report to the military commander, who takes the capsule they found. They also meet Nova in this scene. She is the nurse assistant to Dr. Sane, who is seen trying to tie down a pig. with the help of IQ-9, who claims to be a genius robot. While delivering food to Captain Avatar, IQ-9 eavesdrops on him, finding out that the capsule from Mars has been analyzed. It is from a woman named Starsha, from the planet Iscandar. She says that if they come to her planet, she will give them a device called the Cosmo DNA to rid earth of radiation. She also gives them plans for the Wave Motion Engine and Wave Motion Gun. At that moment, An enemy scouting ship approaches the sunken Yamato, a Japanese battleship that was sunk near the end of WWII. Derek and Mark get into a plane to investigate, but when they find the scout plane, their engine overheats and they crash. Derek and Mark wonder why the Gamilons would be interested in the sunken Yamato, since It's just scrap.