Battlestar Galactica is a Star Blazers enemy.The Argo and Yamato do not agree with the fiendish Galactica.Galactica is a galaxy at the edge of space.It has a dark blue color and is full of Frenchman as a race.They are advanced in technology and seek power.They remain out of date with boobtraps.They are the Argo's enemy all out.When the EDF and Earth Federation and UFP go to Galactica they the Galacticans will attack the Space UN and Earth Federation.They used to be a Zeon colony.They can fight very badly on Star Blazers.They match the EDF with wisdom and boobytraps.

Galactican Viper Interceptor


Galactican Viper


stealth fighter galactica


Galactican carrier war vessel


Galactican Cosmo Tiger


Enemy Galactica Starbase


Galactican Warship Galacticans fight with warmongers and have fought and defeated the Gamilons and Galman Garramon Empire.The Space Communists have invaded and fought with the space French. They are a power on their own and their entire galaxy is a danger to EDF as to the Argo.It has traps and many types of infantry in waves and powerful warships .They fight with an alien warfare and use HE explosives as bad guys and from many wars of Galactica.They have fought wars with the Haydonites of Robotech many times in history and have made alliances with Gundam Zeon.They have space military and are a Space military power and have their own Space Government.They are allianced with enemies as French are.4th Robotech War is Galactica.They became a member with the UN in robotech world.That is them and their weaponry but it should say Galactica Forces as the Galactican French merged and formed 4th War Robotechnology.These Star Blazers categories of attack craft infantry,their secret deadly missile weapons and naval forces.Imperial Galactic Forces as Space UN member.They are very hostile to EDF.They are very far from them,opposite direction of Alpha Quadrant which is close to EDF.Defiant a growing enemy and war is an easy chore for a growing violent power.They are very abusive of their enemies and go out of control with their power in their arsenal.They can fight control and have very intelligent field commanders to space.They can go under hostile or manipulate member of Allies and good guys,go into phases as many evil powers and be a member of EDF.They have shields and barrier technology.Argo would travel to Galactica deplomatic reasons and to know them.Hidden weaponry and violent technology deception.

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