The Drule Empire would be a formidable foe to Star Blazers and a new enemy.They have a complete space forces and warships and we want to see what happens and what level these warships are.They are more than past Star Blazers enemies as things blow off and new ones come in,galaxies are neighbouring and in the way of EDF and Earth Federation of Star Blazers.

Drule High Ranks

200px-0,354,36,213-Commander Hazar

Hazar Star Blazers enemy


Drule warship

Normal cap181

Drule fleet

The Drules laser guns would be a menace to Star Blazers ships.The Drules would wage war on Star Blazers as warmongers.The Drule fighters are feirce.The Drules warfare tactics would be damaging and with weaponry they have to show how their fighters attack and confront the unproven Cosmo tigers.The Argo vs Drules and are not intimidated in warfare categories they beat the EDF badly.Just for their ships which can go into 1980's like cartoon's of 2000's.They would be facing Drule command ships and more battleships.They look like Dutch galleons and are more formidable than Andromeda.Their leadership and from outside of Gattaca in universe which is space American near Galactica outer edge.The Drules technology and they have been put in to confront the EDF Star Blazers.They want to conquear and their fighters can attack with explosives.They will attack in Star Blazers warfare.We will see a Drule space military assault and to see what space galleons they go to vs EDF.Expansion of Empire on EDF.Another Star Blazers enemy that had commitments with Voltron because of their technology but have all out Space Airforce and Space Navy too.Another proper space military Empire fits into Star Blazers with ease.

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