The SUS are the R.E.F.The R.E.F. is at war with the EDF and Earth Federation and are bad guys.Gorui realizes

SUS REF Robotech Forces Supreme High Ranks

that the Earth ships, especially that really awesome-looking one, haven't engaged in the wholesale slaughter Metsler described in the earlier meeting. Maybe they're not as murderous as advertised. When Yamato deliberately places herself in harm's way and launches barrier missiles to protect an emigration ship, Gorui is convinced. This is not the behavior of
Robotech 3D Movie (Complete)

Robotech 3D Movie (Complete)

Macross genesis SUS Alliance

killers. The rest of the military and war vessels are in R.E.F. and their bases and Tirol REF. The Robotech Expeditionary Force was originally part of the Pioneer Expedition, but is now a division belonging to the United Earth Forces. The Flagship of the REF is the SDF-3 Pioneer. The REF's mission is to protect Human Colonies, however when the Third Robotech War started the REF had to create a division called the Earth Reclamination Force.

SUS interceptors R.E.F.


SUS mecha fighter


SUS REF war vessel


SUS Argo enemy


SUS REF warship


Asault fighter SUS R.E.F.


SUS Alliance


EDF enemy SUS


SUS R.E.F. Star Blazers enemy war vessel


SUS attack fighters hidden REF inactive


Volcano Attack interceptor SUS

SUS Condor transforming Star Blazers

Gamma fighter

SUS veritech in Star Blazers used on EDF and Argo

The SUS has unexplained infantry and mecha to use on Star Blazers on the EDF and the Argo.They are the Argo's enemy and have been cut off from their high Commander and he is the SUS leader.Tirol REF forces are SUS as the R.E.F. in Star Blazers are at all out war on EDF and are an enemy of Earth Federation destroying Blue Noah.But they have not utilized their robotech
Nouvelle-France map-en.svg


infantry and space weaponry on the EDF and Earth Federation and Argo and Yamato.We don't know how the function in Star Blazers militarily and how viscious or how they attack bad guy and how the Commanders and Generals use them and utilizes them and their attack now they have linked up with a powerful military high Command family SUS .Robotech warfare on Star Blazers for episodes,30.That will explain how the well like REF does war on Argo.And EDF have a robotech enemy and technology of robotech.Hidden Star Blazers weaponry on all mechas,fighters,war vessels.Cannons and launchers and new weaponry or old.And to get transformation into Star Blazers.The Emigration Fleet warps away and we shift to the other side of the conflict. In a giant space fortress we see a gathering of the Great Urup Interstellar Alliance. There are ten chairs around a table, all occupied by humans or near-humans. Five of these nations take part in the movie: Amare, Ethos, Fridei, Beldel and the top dog: SUS. Governer-General Metsler is its representative, an imposing 10-foot figure dressed like he just walked off the set of Cirque du Soleil. He presents footage from the first battle of the movie, carefully edited to make Earth look like the aggressor, beating the daylights out of the red ships (which, incidentally, belonged entirely to SUS. That should serve as a clue). Earthlings are a threat to be eliminated on sight.

The order is relayed to Admiral Gorui of the Ethos fleet: intercept and destroy the outward-bound Earth fleet. Gorui complies, but seems a wee bit skeptical.

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SDF-1 Enemy Robotech

SDF-1 Macross Enemy EDF
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Admiral Rick Hunter

Rick Hunter is Spence Parks.

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