White Comet Empire

Comet Empire

Andromeda Galaxy
Dissolved (2202)

The White Comet Empire , also known as the Gatlantis Empire, is a major military power in the Andromeda Galaxy. The Comet Empire operates from a massive mobile space fortress, the Ark of Destruction, which is the adopted home of the Gatlantean people and the center of their culture. At the height of its power, the empire set their sights on the Milky way Galaxy and wages a massive and merciless war against all intelligent life it encounters at the behest of its leader, Emperor Zordar


Zordar is the Comet Empire's absolute ruler, with Prime Minister Shifual Invidia acting as his second in command. Zordar is advised on his tactics by an imperial council, with Prime Minister Invidia acting as his second in command. As a race built for war there are no civilians within the Gatlantean society. Because of this civilian activities such research and development is conducted by the Gatlantean military or by captured scientists from other civilizations such as the Great Gamilas Empire. Like the Gamilons their army artificial intelligence to support their military operations such as the Needle Slave, and the Medalusa Tank.

Governors-general are appointed to administer regions claimed by the empire, and are answerable to Zordar and his prime minister. One such governor-general, Goran Dagam, has authority over the Small Magellanic Cloud and his own well equipped fleet of warships.


The White Comet Empire was founded thousands of years ago during the fall of the Zemulian civilization, when Emperor Zordar, and his cloned brethren rebelled against their Zemulian masters, along with a Zemulian woman, Invidia. On the world Zemulia Zordar’s rebellion succeed, but at the cost of, Invidia, the child she and Zordar had conceived, and untold millions. This event left few survivors, only two gatleanteans would remember these events in 2202. Emperor Zordar, blamed all the death and destruction from his rebellion on love, and Gairen who became the chief archivist of the empire. Invidia was cloned to pilot the Ark of Destruction, and Zemulia was the first planet taken into the fearsome White Comet.

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